On May 21st, we will have a mid-term election. Pundits and citizens often regard these biennial “off year” elections as less important than the presidential elections. We all know that there is no election that is unimportant. “Off year” elections produce the winners for critically important local offices.

On this ballot, we have focused on Philadelphia candidates. However, we urge all our members in Southeastern Pennsylvania to support the liberal candidates in your districts who favor responsible, democratic government that responds to all citizens.

We also urge all of you to call/write your state legislators and Governor Corbett and demand increased funding for public education. The current funding crisis affects not only Philadelphia but also many poor rural districts as well as suburban districts which have had to raise property taxes to offset losses in state funding. Remember the PA Constitution mandates that the state provide a “thorough and efficient system of public schools.”

With best wishes,
Glenavie Norton, Chair

ADA Endorsements for the May 21, 2013 Primary Election

Philadelphia Common Pleas Court
# 105 Vince Giusini
# 110 Giovanni Campbell
# 126 Stephanie Sawyer

Philadelphia Traffic Court
# 147 Inja Coates

Philadelphia City Controller
# 165 Brett Mandel

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