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From Glenavie Norton, Chair

I know that I have said before in this space that we face a “must win” election.  This has never been more true than it will be on November 6, 2012.  At stake not only is the presidency but also both houses of congress and our future  Supreme Court.  If we lose these, our already imperiled democracy may cease to exist as a democracy and our identity–as a nation with opportunity for every citizen and equal justice for all–lie in ruins.  

In Southeastern Pennsylvania, we strongly urge you to vote for the following candidates and encourage like-minded voters in your community to do the same.

US President  #201 Barack Obama
PA Attorney General    # 203 Kathleen Kane
US Congress District 1   #206 Robert Brady
US Congress District 2   #206 Chaka Fattah
US Congress District 6   #206 Manan Trivedi
US Congress District 7   #206 George Badey
US Congress District 8   #206 Kathy Boockvar
US Congress District 13  #206 Allyson Schwartz
PA Senate District 1       #206 Larry Farnese
PA Senate District 17     #207 Daylin Leach
PA Representative District 26   #208 Mike Hays
PA Representative District 150 #E27 Kelly Devine
PA Representative District 151 #E27 Will Sylianteng
PA Representative District 182 #208 Brian Sims
PA Representative District 188 #208 James Roebuck
PA Representative District 202 #208 Mark Cohen

Only if you are voting for the first time at a poll, must you present an ID
such as current driver’s license, utility bill, lease, or voter registration card.
Vote November 6, 2012   Polls Open 7 AM to 8 PM.
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